Here is the York bracket.  If you are familiar with the York compressor, you will recognize the four mounting points for the flat mounting surface on the York.  After mounting this bracket to the York compressor, you then drop it into place on the base bracket and slide in the two long 3/8" bolts that secure the sub-bracket to the base bracket.

These brackets can be purchased from BC Broncos or Wild Horses.

Explorer Saginaw Bracket

This is what I call the base Saginaw bracket.  It mounts the Saginaw style p/s pump and the idler pulley that you transfer over from your Explorer 5.0 bracket.  It also has provisions inside the bracket to mount a square EEC IV ignition coil if you are running an EEC IV system with distributor.  On top, there are mounting provisions for adding a bracket for an A/C compressor.  Two different A/C brackets are available so you can choose to run a Sanden SD7 compressor for air conditioning or a York compressor for onboard air.

The reservoir shown on the pump to the right is the style of reservoir that you need to use with this bracket.  It is available with either a single return or a dual return if you are running hydroboost brakes.

A remote reservoir is also an option.

This is the Sanden SD7 bracket.  It will mount in the base bracket in one of two positions giving you two clocking options for the SD7 compressor.  One position points the A/C hose connections horizontal toward the center of the engine and the other rotates it up 45 degrees from horizontal.

BC Broncos has made A/C hoses to work with this bracket and they chose the horizontal mounting option.  Give them a call if you would like a complete A/C system.  They carry my bracket and can include it with the complete system.

This is the Sanden SD7 compressor that works with this bracket.  Vintage Air and BC Broncos can both provide this compressor.