LED Front Blinkers

The 66-68 model years had a nice looking turn signal that fit into a grill opening sized for the light.  Part way into the 69 model year, the turn signal was changed to a larger light that didn't really fit, but a rubber base was used to fill the gap between the light and the grill.  Behind this larger light, the opening in the grill was still sized for the smaller light, but the mounting tabs were changed to accommodate the larger light.  The electrical connector on the two lights is also wired differently.

The LED turn signal shown here is sized like the original smaller light, but requires much less room behind the grill.  For the 66-68 grills, this LED light is a direct bolt-in.  For the 69-77 grills, a set of stainless steel mounting plates is available to make installation very simple.  With them, the only mod to your 69-77 grill is to add a mounting hole that partially overlaps an existing mounting hole.  See picture to see what I mean.

An LED compatible flasher may be required to make your blinkers flash correctly since these LED lights use much less current than the original incandescent lights.  No DOT testing has been performed so you're on your own regarding compliance with any applicable requirements.

Although not shown in the picture, mounting nuts are included with the lights.

These lights can be purchased from BC Broncos or The Bronco Graveyard.