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I'm just a Bronco Guy like a lot of you, but about 25 years ago, I started supplying a better product to one of the big Bronco vendors after being disappointed with the quality of the product I purchased.  Gradually, I've added some new products and discontinued some others.  Most of the time, a new product is the result of my need for something that I can't find in the marketplace already.   I was at the powdercoat shop once to pick up some parts, and the guy I was talking to called someone else and I heard him say "The Bronco guy is here".  That reference became the inspiration for the name of this website.

I work a day job designing stuff for airplanes, so I'm not available to take your phone call.  If you have questions, please email me at

Explorer Saginaw Bracket

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About "The Bronco Guy"

LED Front Blinkers

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These front blinkers use a new lens from a 66-68 Bronco.  Behind the lens is a custom printed circuit board loaded with 32 LED's.  The light is super shallow compared to the original so is easier to retrofit into a 69-77 grill.  The extra clearance behind also leaves room for your oil cooler installation or maybe a custom radiator installation like mine.

This bracket allows you to run a Saginaw power steering pump with the 96-01 Explorer 5.0 front dress.  It puts the pump down low and has provisions for mounting an A/C compressor on top using a separate sub-bracket.  Sanden SD7 and York compressors are currently supported.  This product exists because I swapped an Explorer 5.0 into my Bronco and wanted to keep my Saginaw P/S pump and my onboard air system.